Benefits of Permanent Court Time

  • It's guaranteed. Permanent Court time gives you a regular time to play. The court is yours--no phone call needed to see if a court might be available.
  • It's convenient. You select your day and time. Plan ahead for the entire indoor season.
  • It's your group. Invite your own group of players to join you for the season.
  • It's flexible. If your schedule changes you may put your court time up for sale. If sold, you'll be credited the court fee.
  • It's social. You may invite guests or other members to play with your group. Reasonable guest fees apply.

How to Purchase Permanent Court Time

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Organize your group for the fall.

Step 2: Complete the Court Time Application and Membership Application by MONDAY, JANUARY 15.

There are two ways to enter:

  • A principal signer and a co-signer may enter together. Both parties agree to be financially responsible for the court fees. The principal will receive two bills (the first in July and the second in December)
  • Enter the lottery as a "single" principal without a co-signer, eliminating the need to have a co-signer. The entire court fee for the year will be due at the court selection.

Step 3: Lottery numbers will be assigned randomly. Postcards will be mailed with your assigned time for court selection.

Step 4: Attend the Permanent Court Time selection at your assigned time. Select the perfect court for your group. Pay the $50 deposit to hold the court unless you are entering the lottery as a single, in which case you will pay for the entire season of court time.

Lottery Policies

  • Members may enter the lottery one time.
  • Applicants with a past due account will not be allowed to enter the lottery.
  • Spouses not intending to play together should not submit an application together. Submit an application with the person with whom you will be playing.
  • You may receive a credit for unused court time. You may put your court time up for sale and every effort will be made to sell it. If the court time is sold, a credit will be issued to the principal signer.

Lottery numbers will be assigned in the following order:

  • Resident Category: Residents who sign up with another resident or a resident signed up as a single. Residents who did not enter the lottery will be permitted to select a court before non-residents.
  • Non-resident Category: Residents who sign up with a non-resident; non-residents who sign up with another non-resident and non-residents who sign up as a single.