Financial Planning & Policy Committee
Meeting Minutes

Date: July 18, 2011

Location: Park District Administration Offices – Conference Room

Time: 7:15 p.m. or Immediately following the Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting

: J. Brault, G Benz, Chair D. Graham
Commissioners: M. Murdock, J. Crowley
Staff: S. Wilson, K. Eppelheimer, K. Bingham, J Bowen

Agenda Topics
1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Communications and Correspondence
4. Recognition of Visitors
5. Old Business
6. New Business
7. Next Meeting
8. Adjourn

Discussion Items

1. The Meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

2. The Committee approved the minutes of April 25, 2011

3. Communications and Correspondence – None

4. Recognition of Visitors – John Huston, Trib Local

5. Old Business
     a. Organization & Operation of the Board of Park Commissioners
i. Section 2.09 – Order of Business; Recognition of Visitors and Public Participation – The Committee reviewed the revised requirement of the Open Meetings Act.
The order of business at all regular meetings of the Board shall include the following agenda items: Call to Order, Approval of Minutes, Communications and Correspondence, Recognition of Visitors and Pubic Participation, Financial Reports, Committee Reports, Executive Director’s Report, Unfinished Old Business, New Business and Adjournment.  Public Participation allows members of the public to address the Board under the following guidelines:
• Time for comments will be limited to 3 minutes and adjusted for circumstances at the discretion of the presiding officer;
• Allow comments only on agenda topics or topics related to the Park District; and
• The Officer conducting the meeting has the authority to limit comments if deemed irrelevant, repetitious or disruptive, including asking for the removal of the participant.

i. Section 2.23 – Vacancies Declared – The Committee reviewed the revised wording to the section of the Organization and Operation handling Commissioner Vacancies.

Whenever any member of the Board… or shall neglect to attend regular meetings of the Board for a period of three (3) consecutive calendar months, or neglect to attend a minimum of twelve (12) eight (8) regular, special or committee meetings in any twelve month period…said office may be declared vacant by the Board.

There was also discussion to have a procedure to assure a Commissioner knows when they may be close to a position when their office could be declared vacant.  The Committee felt that if a Commissioner missed 20 plus meetings, many Board members and staff would take notice.
The Committee recommended that the above changes to the Organization and Operation of the Board of Park Commissioners be approved by the full Board.

6. New Business
     a. Second Quarter Budget Information – Superintendent Eppelheimer took the opportunity to briefly mention the results through six months.  There was a question of how we look compared to the Budget.  It currently looks favorable, but there is no good method currently to project the year end.  This type of reporting is a priority of the new Incode system.   The debt issue is still to be discussed with the Committee. 

7. Next Meeting – The next meeting was scheduled for August 22, 2011.

8. Adjournment – With no further business to discuss, the Committee adjourned at 7:19 p.m.

Minutes taken by Ken Eppelheimer