Wilmette Park District
Financial Planning & Policy Committee
Meeting Minutes

Date:   April 25, 2011

Location:  Park District Administration Offices – Conference Room

Time:  6:30 p.m.

Attendance: Committee members J. Brault, D. Miller, Chair D. Graham

Commissioner:   M. Murdock

Staff:    S. Wilson, K. Eppelheimer, B. Lambrecht, K. Bingham

Agenda Topics:

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Communications and Correspondence
4. Recognition of Visitors
5. 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
6. Manager Reports
7. Old Business
8. New Business
9. Adjourn to Closed Session
10. Arise for Closed Session
11. Next Meeting
12. Adjournment


1. The Meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.
2. The Committee approved the Committee minutes of February 28, 2011
3. Communications and Correspondence – None
4. Recognition of Visitors – Matt Beran, Lauterbach & Amen, LLP
5. Presentation of the 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
     a. Matt Beran presented the 2010 CAFR, Management Letter, and Statement of Auditing Standards 115 Letter to the Committee. Mr. Beran said the audit has an unqualified opinion and reviewed the various sections including the Management Discussion and Analysis, basic financial statements, notes, supplemental schedules and statistical information.  There were questions from the Committee on the meaning of reductions in certain funds (reductions equated to the payment of debt) and the significant control weakness presented in SAS 115 letter. Mr. Beran commented that if any adjustments are made to the accounting records after the information is presented to the auditors, it prompts this letter. Management indicated that it would take the exception letter if it meant that the accounting records were correct. The Committee recommended the 2010 CAFR be accepted by the full Board.

6. Manager Reports
     a. Superintendent Eppelheimer reported Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund results were available for 2010 CAFR on pages 37 through 40.  The District’s funding was 66%, up from 63% in 2009.  The District continues to contribute 100% of the required funding and the projected rate for 2012 is 13.74% versus 12.98% in 2011 and 11.8% in 2010.  More information will be available when the IMRF results meetings are held in the next couple of weeks.
     b. Superintendent Eppelheimer reported that the Open Meetings and Freedom of Information Acts on line training were available at the Illinois Attorney General’s web site.  The appointment of OMA and FOIA Officers will be on the May Annual Meeting Agenda along with other officer appointments.

7. Old Business – None

8. New Business
     a. Budget Book – First Quarter Financial Information – Superintendent Eppelheimer presented first quarter Budget Book.  Comparisons to results from last year show the District is slightly ahead on fees and behind on taxes with the tax bills being due a month later than normal.  We will continue to provide additional information in future financial statements including fund balances, capital improvement progress and, with a new system, possible projection information
     b. Thornwood Ice Rink – The subject was deferred to this Committee from the Parks and Recreation Committee.  Superintendent Lambrecht reported the proposed placement of the ice rink from West Park to Thornwood.  There was discussion on the proposed cost, location within Thornwood, or other parks and lighting.  It was noted that a rink would receive more use if located near a school and homes.  After much discussion, the Committee recommended the Board direct that public hearings be held regarding the relocation of the ice rink and the proposal of low level lighting.
     c. Lakeview Center Repair Work – Superintendent Lambrecht reported that the roof at the Lakeview Center was substantially under budget and staff would like to reallocate capital funds to replace problem front doors.  It is anticipated that the replacement will cost about $5,000.  The Committee recommended the reallocation be approved by the full Board or No action was needed as this is within the Executive Directors given authority?
     d. ADA Access Audit – Superintendent Eppelheimer reported that Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that facilities be evaluated for accessibility.  The District received one proposal from Recreation Accessibility Consultants for $20,876 to perform the review and provide estimated costs for the Capital Improvement Plan.  The Committee requested that staff obtain additional request for quotes before final approval.

9. There was no closed session.

(No section 10.  Arise from Closed Session needed)

11. Next Meeting – The next meeting was scheduled for May 23, 2011, subject to appointment of Commissioners to the Financial Planning and Policy Committee.

12. Adjournment – With no further business to discuss, the Committee adjourned at 8 p.m.

Minutes taken by Ken Eppelheimer