After School Recreation

----docicon.png After School Recreation Permission to Escort To/From Classes

----docicon.png After School Recreation Registration Forms

----docicon.png After School Recreation Handbook and Policies

----docicon.png After School Recreation Calendar

Full Day Preschool

----docicon.png Full-Day Preschool Permission to Escort To/From Classes

----docicon.png Full-Day Preschool Registration Forms - Please fill out the forms listed under Preschool

----docicon.png Full-Day Preschool Handbook and Policies

----docicon.png Full-Day Preschool Calendar


----docicon.png Preschool Registration Forms

----docicon.png Preschool Handbook and Policies

----docicon.png Preschool Calendar

Preschool Bound

----docicon.png Preschool Bound Forms

----docicon.png Preschool Bound Handbook and Policies

----docicon.png Preschool Bound Calendar

Kindergarten Enrichment

----docicon.png Kindergarten Enrichment Registration Forms

----docicon.png Kindergarten Enrichment Handbook and Policies

----docicon.png Kindergarten Enrichment Calendar

DCFS and General Child Care Forms

----docicon.png DCFS Summary of Licensing Standards for Day Care Centers

----docicon.png Certificate of Child Health Examination - Preschool and Full Day Preschool

----docicon.png Certificate of Child Health Examination - School Age Children

----docicon.png Medication Permission Form