Art Department Staff

Visual Arts Coordinator
Rick Flintz
p: 847-920-3944

Seasonal Art Showcase:

CURRENT SHOWCASE: Independent Photography Showcase
Show Dates: February 23 - March 22
NEXT: Wilmette Arts Guild (March 29 - April 30)


NEW CLASS - GLASS FUSION, Wednesdays, April 17-May 8, 7-8:30 P.M., ages 12 & up. Explore the unique art of glass fusion in this brand new program! Through this project-based class, participants will gain the fundamental knowledge about fusing glass, design principles and the importance of safety. Working with various types of glass (sheets, frit, powder, stringers, etc.) and two basic techniques (fusion and relief), students can make decorative hanging pieces, such as ornaments, pendants, and glass tiles or plates, then pieces are fired in our own ceramics kilns. Participants are encouraged to continue beyond one session to fully master techniques and stretch their imagination. Contact Rick Flintz at for additional information.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - Family Fine Arts Day arrives March 9, from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Click Here! All ages with family members welcome! Let your inner artist bloom in this creative workshop where a range of media opens the door to a world of possibilities. Explore teacher inspired art projects along with DIY stations. All supplies are included. Registration is per child attending, and pre-registered children receive a tee shirt to use as a smock. Adults need not register. This is not a drop off program - all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Does your child have a birthday coming up? Give them a customized Art Party where they can create a masterpiece of their choice! Click Here for more information.

Art Department Staff

Rick Flintz, visual arts coordinator, is a ceramics and youth art instructor, primarily teaching pottery and hand-built ceramics. He holds a Fine Arts degree with dual emphasis in pottery and design. He is also a freelance artist, creating watercolor paintings and ink sketches that have been sold nationwide.

Jan Borre has her degree from the Art Institute of Chicago and has become a popular instructor at the Wilmette Park District. Talented in many areas, Jan brings her expertise and creativity to her preschool and youth classes, as well as unique seasonal workshops.

Kathleen Brej has a degree from the American Academy of Art with an emphasis on drawing and design. She has worked as a graphic illustrator and has done extensive freelance work. Kathleen is a well-liked instructor with our multi-genre classes, such as Theater & Art.

Laurie Panucci has a M.A. in elementary education from DePaul University, but has found passion and gratification working with adults. In her ceramics classes students have created bowls, vases, plates and a variety of decorative and distinctive pieces.

Katy Russell learned to knit and crochet as an elementary school student and has become a well-known expert in yarns and technical skills.

Judee Sims has shared her expertise and creativity with many students in a variety of classes over the years. Her background in fine arts allows her to give students proper instruction, structure and foundation, while her personality allows young artists the freedom to be creative, insightful and to have fun.